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Lidocaine and Phenol Battle Pain in Absorbine Jr. PRO

The NEW Absorbine Jr. PRO helps fight pain better than before by using special medicine called lidocaine and phenol that you put on your skin where it hurts. Studies have found that a special medicine called lidocaine can help lower back pain if it has 5% of the medicine. They have also found that it […]

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Woman with shoulder pain

What’s the Difference Between Analgesics and Anesthetics for Pain Relief?

Much of what we perceive as pain is due to signals that our nerves send from our skin, organs, and muscles to our brains. When we get hurt, our nerves send stronger signals because of chemicals called prostaglandins released after we are hurt. Prostaglandins can also be thanked for the swelling that happens after an […]

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HSA Advisor

Save Money Using a Flexible or Health Savings Account for Certain Over The Counter Products

“Letter of Medical Necessity” Can Make Big Absorbine Jr. Savings Possible Do you rely on a Absorbine Jr. product to help you with chronic pain or arthritis? Have you set aside funds, pre-tax, in a flexible spending (FSA) or health savings account to help you save money on out-of-pocket medical expenses with tax-free dollars? Usually, […]

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Father and son playing baseball

Arm Pain after Pitching: Causes & Tips for Relief

Baseball season is officially in full swing! Whether you’re a fan, a parent or grandparent of a player, or even a pro, you may find yourself throwing a baseball around throughout the next few months. While we might not all be pitching a straight nine innings, arm pain may strike you the morning after. Here’s […]

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Sitting at office desk

Can Sitting Funny Really Cause Chronic Pain?

We may do it while we lean sharply to the side in a chair, eager to hear every word that comes out of the boss’ mouth. Or we may do it when we return to the office and tuck our knees sharply underneath our chair. We may even do it at home, while we literally […]

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Back pain

Get Relief! 3 Natural Ways To Combat Back Pain

Suffering from low back pain? Over 31 million Americans are experiencing the pains of a stiff back right now! It is responsible for the most disabilities in our country, and can feel as debilitating as it sounds. Finding the right sources to treat, prevent, and care for exhausted, tense muscles is like completing a corn […]

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Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Oh My!

There are a lot of great options for getting active these days that allow you to exercise your body gently, while developing strength and flexibility and not over-stressing your joints and muscles. Activities such as yoga, tai chi and qigong are great choices for anyone looking to slowly build their body’s strength, or for people […]

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