Can Sitting Funny Really Cause Chronic Pain?

We may do it while we lean sharply to the side in a chair, eager to hear every word that comes out of the boss’ mouth.

Or we may do it when we return to the office and tuck our knees sharply underneath our chair. We may even do it at home, while we literally sit at the edge of our chair while we watch a good movie or television show.

It’s called “sitting funny” – only there’s nothing funny about the strain or discomfort we feel when we try to straighten up or walk.

With all the opportunities we have to “sit funny,” you might be wondering if it can cause chronic pain. But if you define it as the National Institutes of Health does – as pain that lasts more than 12 weeks – then you will be heartened to hear that the short answer is “no.”

What about all that sitting?

Chronic pain, as the NIH notes, usually results from an injury or an illness. Other health issues – fatigue, sleep apnea and a decrease in appetite — often accompany chronic pain, impairing stamina, strength and flexibility.

Still, when you consider that the average American spends between eight and 12 hours a day in a sitting position, there is plenty of time to assume a “funny” sitting position. And sitting in a chair that forces you to sit up straight at a 90-degree angle can cause chronic back problems. It probably wouldn’t be difficult to find a physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer or massage therapist who wouldn’t rail against what “sitting funny” really comes down to: poor posture.

Assume a proactive posture

But here’s another reason to be heartened: recent postural studies point to what many reasonable adults already seem to know: awkward posture is uncomfortable and can cause unnecessary strain on the body. Therefore, while we may lapse into a “funny” sitting position under certain conditions, we’re not likely to stay in it for long because it can be physically straining. We’re even less likely to repeat the pose the next day.

In the meantime, the NIH notes that some treatments can provide relief, including massage, meditation and Tai Chi. In terms of fast-working topical treatments, there is Absorbine Jr. This all-natural topical treatment has been the go-to choice of workers, athletes and other people who know that the consequence of “sitting funny” is no laughing matter.

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