Frequently Asked Questions

Absorbine Jr. Classic products (Pain Relieving Liquid, Back Patch, Ultra Strength Pain Patch) are made with a time tested Menthol-based formula that has been in use for over a decade while Absorbine Jr. PRO products are made with a revolutionary new formula that combines two max strength anesthetics (Lidocaine & Phenol) to bring the next generation of pain relief.

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Phenol stops pain signals from happening. Because the skin readily absorbs phenol, it starts working quickly. Phenol is safe to use for pain, even on delicate skin. Phenol has been used for years as one of the main ingredients in sore throat sprays. By adding phenol to lidocaine, the new Absorbine Jr. PRO packs a unique new punch against pain.

Topical pain relievers like Absorbine Jr. are applied at the site of pain to provide temporary relief of sore muscles and joints, arthritis pain and stiffness.

Absorbine Jr. formulas help stimulate pain receptor nerves in the skin that detect cold, causing increased blood flow and the release of natural pain-relieving substances. The more blood that reaches a pain area, the more nutrients and oxygen there is to assist in the healing process.

Topical pain relievers are applied directly to the areas of discomfort, while internal pain relievers must be ingested and absorbed by your skin.

No, Absorbine was created in 1892 by Wilbur F. Young and his wife, Mary Ida, to relieve the muscle pain of their hardworking horses. Their son, Junior, created the brand for hardworking people and called it Absorbine Jr. Absorbine Jr. is safe for adults and children two years of age or older.

Absolutely! Many people actually prefer topical pain relievers over a pill or caplet. Topical pain relievers are specifically developed for relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints, and minor arthritis pain. For best results, please be sure to use the product as directed.

We’ve had many consumers indicate this over the years, however, Absorbine Jr. was specifically developed to be an effective topical pain reliever for sore muscles, arthritis and stiffness.

For best results, be sure that your skin is clean and dry before applying. Open the packet and remove patch. If you prefer, you can cut the patch to the size you need. Peel off its protective backing and apply sticky side to pain area.

Absorbine Jr. Pain Patches have been specially designed to provide up to 8 hours of pain relief. However, individual results can vary.

Yes, you can use more than one Absorbine Jr. Pain Patch at the same time.

Since the active ingredient, menthol, in Absorbine Jr. Pain Patches does not enter the bloodstream, there should not be any interaction with your internal pain reliever. However, we recommend that you first consult with your doctor.

Yes, you can leave the Patch on overnight.

Be sure the application site is clean and dry. For best results, it must also be free from skin conditioning products that may leave a film on your skin.

No. Do not apply the Pain Patch to broken or irritated skin.

No. The Absorbine Jr. Back Patch, Pain Patch, and Knee Patch do not have latex. However, an older version of the Back Patch previously contained natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in latex-sensitive people but these patches have passed their use-by-date. One way to ensure you have a latex-free patch is to read the back of the package to make sure it was “Made in India” as the latex-inclusive formula was “Made in Taiwan.”.

We recommend you contact your physician if you suspect you may have an allergy to latex.

If you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant we recommend consulting your doctor before using any Absorbine Jr. products.

The Ultra Strength Pain Patch was designed for smaller muscle groups. The Back Patch was designed specifically for use on the lower back to treat lower back pain.

Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Back Patch is made from a different type of hydrogel. It produces an initial warm feeling, unlike the Ultra Strength Pain Patch, which starts off cold. The chart below highlights the difference:

Characteristics Absorbine Jr. Ultra Strength Pain Patch Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Back Patch
Size 4 x 5 ½ inches 9 x 4 inches
Color White White
Sensation Cooling Effect Warming Effect
Apply directly to point of pain Target the deep-seated aches and pains associated with chronic back pain
Relief lasts Up to 8 hours Up to 8 hours

Use as Directed.