Arm Pain after Pitching: Causes & Tips for Relief

Baseball season is officially in full swing! Whether you’re a fan, a parent or grandparent of a player, or even a pro, you may find yourself throwing a baseball around throughout the next few months. While we might not all be pitching a straight nine innings, arm pain may strike you the morning after. Here’s how to deal with pain after pitching so you can quickly bounce back this season.


Arm Pain Relief


Common Causes for Soreness

Known as Pitching Elbow or Pitcher’s Arm, soreness in the elbow and shoulder happens for many reasons; even for the professionals! For most ball players, soreness occurs the morning after, more specifically 12-24 hours after, pitching long periods of time.

Some simple reasons you may be sore after pitching are a lack of leg strength, a poor arm path, or the weight of the baseballs. Complex reasons are a lack of sleep, which causes fatigue, a poor diet (needed to recover soft tissue damage), or not enough anaerobic power conditioning (leg and core strength).

Tips for Relief

A good rule of thumb to remember for soreness and inflammation from activities like pitching is the acronym R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. However, something that has been used by baseball players for more than a century is Absorbine Jr. Since 1911, this topical pain reliever has provided rapid relief of soreness and inflammation for many baseball players and other athletes alike after long, tiresome games.


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What’s the Secret?

Unlike most pain relievers, Absorbine Jr.* is applied directly where it hurts and absorbed quickly into the skin. The formula increases blood flow to pain receptor nerves that are currently cold and stiff then releases natural pain-relieving substances. As the blood flow increases, nutrients and oxygen pass through the sore area and aid in the healing process of the pain that comes after pitching.

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*Absorbine Jr. should be used as directed.

Use as Directed.