Get Relief! 3 Natural Ways To Combat Back Pain

Suffering from low back pain? Over 31 million Americans are experiencing the pains of a stiff back right now! It is responsible for the most disabilities in our country, and can feel as debilitating as it sounds. Finding the right sources to treat, prevent, and care for exhausted, tense muscles is like completing a corn maze in a blizzard! If the treatment contains toxic chemicals and strong pain relievers, the potential damage these foreign substances cause in the body may contribute to complications later. Simply buying and using over the counter pain relievers does not combat the main cause that creates such painful back aches.

Absorbine Jr. is dedicated to providing naturally sourced, effective cause based treatments for our country’s largest ailment related to pain. Alternative forms of care can radically change how the body responds to pain in the future, working to prevent your symptoms from returning or getting worse. Looking for something new to treat your low back pain relief at home? Try our top tips below:

Fancy a Cup? Of Tea!

Did you know that tea is an anti-inflammatory way to alleviate pain? Simply sip a few cups of green tea for immediate relaxation and mild pain relief. Looking for a soothing option? Try peppermint tea; the polyphenols in the peppermint plant work to open your blood vessels and reduce pain.

Topical Treatment

Find a topical form of pain relief that directly resolves the pain in less time than a pain reliever! Menthol is a powerful, naturally derived plant that cools the skin and promotes the lessening of pain and stiffness. Absorbine Jr. products all contain menthol to provide the best natural form of care for your symptoms and chronic pain.

Pain Reduction is Essential

Ever thought to try essential oils? Aromatherapy is an alternative form of healing used for a wide variety of issues, including depression, pain, and cancer. Simply take a bowl of boiling water and add 8-10 drops of essential oil, allow the steam to reach your face, and breathe it in. Most people find relief immediately, and continue the practice a few times per week to keep their symptoms at bay.

Woodsy scents, like pine and cedar, are perfect for low back pain. Try a citrus oil, such as lemon or sweet orange, to reduce stress and tension in the back! These scents will calm, soothe and relax the body to promote healing.

Use as Directed.