Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Oh My!

There are a lot of great options for getting active these days that allow you to exercise your body gently, while developing strength and flexibility and not over-stressing your joints and muscles. Activities such as yoga, tai chi and qigong are great choices for anyone looking to slowly build their body’s strength, or for people looking to get back into shape after suffering an injury or counter stiff muscles or arthritis.

Even if you are not working on recovering from an injury, these gentle exercise forms build core muscles, balance and strength while stretching the body, and should be incorporated into a fitness routine to help build the body’s flexibility and prevent future injury and joint pain. These are also very versatile methods of exercise, and can easily be adjusted for various difficulty levels. While there are very simple movements that beginners can start with, advanced movements can be difficult and require a lot of strength and balance, providing a good challenge.

A nice aspect of these exercise forms is that they inspire an awareness of the body and your personal health, encouraging balance and healing in all areas of your life. Because of this, they make for great forms of physical therapy and recuperation for anyone suffering from pain that makes other forms of exercise uncomfortable or impossible.

For those using an exercise such as yoga, tai chi or qigong as a recovery method for injury or back or joint pain, it can be very helpful to pair this recuperation method with the use of Absorbine Jr. Once you have completed a session of exercise to help strengthen the recovering back or joint injury, apply Absorbine Jr. to the affected area to not only relieve any pain, but to encourage the blood flow to the area, which will expedite the healing process. If you find that your muscles are sore after a workout, you can use Absorbine Jr. to help soothe any cramps or stiffness.

Taking up tai chi, yoga, qigong or another form of gentle exercise can be a great way to help increase the health of your body. Look into which form might be best suited for you, and try it out today!

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