Lower Back Pain and Cramps - The Best Treatments for Relief

Most individuals have a little voice in their head telling them to keep quiet and grit through the day with lower back pain. Each would confess later that nothing would ever be accomplished without this mindset. Sometimes, being a tough guy rather than gaining low back pain relief at home will rob you of an active lifestyle.

Lower back pain is a fact of life, as nearly 80 percent of all adults will suffer from some form of it in his or her lifetime. For many, it’s often triggered by strenuous activity, while others will have their back give out from picking up a pencil.

Thankfully, a combination of exercise and physical therapy will help provide low back pain relief at home. Here are some of the best treatments:

Introduction to Lower Back Pain

What is lower back pain? Well, it’s stretching too far the muscles or ligaments that hold the spinal column in place. Thus, the spine becomes less stable and weakens over time. Certain physical activities will cause lower back pain, such as extreme lifting and repeated bending or crouching.

Get out of Bed

The right course to recovery is taking a few days to alleviate lower back pain with proper bed rest. Never stay in bed too long, as you should begin light physical activity as soon as possible. A good long-term solution is having muscle tone in your lower back region, but consult with a physician before beginning any form of physical therapy.

Icing and Heating Your Back

Typical treatment for lower back pain is icing the area to reduce the pain and swelling. Ideally, you want to ice your back for 20 minutes, every four hours for a couple of days. Then, apply heat to the region after the initial swelling has gone down.


Taking painkillers should only be used if recommended by a doctor. Certain muscle relaxants are okay to be used periodically or if your have a prescription to use them, but they all come with side effects from long-term usage.

Good Posture

Maintaining good posture will help reduce lower back pain. Individuals with poor posture go about their day putting unnecessary strain on their backs, as little tasks keep adding up over time and increase the pressure on the nerves near the spinal column. You must become conscious of keeping good posture at all times in order to alleviate the pain.

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