Muscular Pain Relief - Soothing Stress And Muscle Overuse

Many people know that in 1903, Wilbur F. Young introduced a product known as Absorbine Jr. It was revolutionary ointment which introduced people to topical muscle pain relief. However, it was Wilbur’s wife Mary Ida, who invented the original formula. She knew that menthol would cause the other herbal ingredients in the formula to absorb into the skin. This is actually how the original Absorbine product got its name.

Absorbine Jr. was introduced eleven years later, and its formula is designed specifically for people with persistent aches and pains. There are a number of different issues that Absorbine Jr. can relieve. It’s the first choice of millions of people seeking topical muscle pain relief.

Absorbine Jr. is also great for people with strenuous occupations such as construction, farming and even and mining. Even young athletes rely on Absorbine Jr. to ease their sore muscles after a long day of training. Absorbine Jr. Plus has all of the same benefits in a more concentrated amount. This is combined with a smoother is formula which is absorbed into the skin as easily as lotion so it goes to work faster.

For any type of muscle stiffness or lower back pain, Absorbine Jr. Plus can provide the soothing comfort you’re looking for. It’s easier to perform the next day when you feel relieved so you should rely on the menthol rub developed by Mr. and Mrs. Young over a century ago. The formula has been duplicated so many times because it’s simple yet effective.

The cooling sensation of the menthol causes increased blood flow to the area to which it is applied. The increased blood flow results in faster healing of muscles, arthritis relief and joint comfort. There’s a reason why Absorbine Jr. has been around for so long, it works extremely well.

When you rely on Absorbine Jr. Plus, you can get quick relief exactly where you need it. From the elderly with arthritis and stiffness, to young athletes who train hard, millions of people know that Absorbine Jr. means fast topical muscle pain relief.

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