Why Does My Back Hurt More When The Weather Changes?

Ask anyone who suffers from lower back pain and they’ll tell you that it can affect a person’s entire life. Sitting, standing, even lying down – it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, back pain can put a damper on just about anything. And that doesn’t even take into account people who need their body to be at its best in order to work – farmers, athletes, construction workers and others.

Then there’s the strange phenomenon of increased pain during bouts of bad weather. We’ve all seen it: Someone who suffers from chronic pain or arthritis claiming that they know when rain or snow is on its way because their pain has gotten worse. Why does this happen? One theory as to the effect changing weather has on joints is that the lowering barometric pressure allows tissue to expand. Pair this with existing nerve sensitivity, scar tissue, adhesion or other injury and you have a recipe for increased pain in any area which already experiences pain.

We can’t change the weather, can we? So what is there to do about the sort of lower back pain that invades every area of a person’s life?

Some people choose to relocate to warmer and more arid climates, but that’s just not possible for everyone – and it doesn’t necessarily make things much better in the long-term, depending on the severity of the pain a person experiences and its root cause.

Taking pills can be a scary proposition, some have side effects including stomach issues, motor skills, drowsiness, or general impairment. Some can cause addiction. Using topical creams can cause wrinkled noses, as some can smell too strong and unpleasant. How effective are they, really? Well, Absorbine Jr. Plus has been working wonders for pain sufferers for over 100 years and you’ll find the smell to be different than it’s counterparts. It’s the perfect solution for anyone suffering from lower back pain who won’t allow that pain to slow down their life – no matter what the weather brings.

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