Why Do Topical Pain Relievers Work?

If you are like many people who suffer from any number of pain issues, especially muscle aches, arthritis and strains, chances are that you have tried a number of pain relief products like Tylenol, Aleve, Ibuprofen and similar products.

Over time, the effects of using non-narcotic meds can reportedly lead to liver and stomach issues, constipation and many other unpleasant abnormalities. Narcotics can cause dependence, hallucinations and worse.

Most doctors recognize these as imperfect solutions to a huge problem and given a choice, will often recommend heat therapy and massage with a topical pain reliever, as a more effective way to relieve the pain and promote healing.

While this may seem to be an old fashioned remedy, many hard working people use topical analgesics such as Absorbine Jr. Farmers, construction workers, and the hard at play depend on our tried and true topical product for generations.

If you have ever been treated for back pain, you may have received a dose of heat therapy to relax and help heal your pained muscles. A hot pad is placed on your back for 15 to 30 minutes and the heat settles deeply into your body. The topical medication we are referring to has the same effect. It is applied and allowed to settle into the painful area. It begins working immediately. You will be pleasantly surprised and even amazed at the results of continued treatments.

The formula is a closely kept secret. This product contains safe and non habit forming menthol with natural herbal ingredients that encompass the painful area with an aura of heat that settles deep into the body directly to the core of the pain.

As it settles into the aching muscles, ligaments and arthritic pain points, the medication slowly improves the blood flow, relaxes the muscles and allows the area to heal normally. The relief lasts for hours, giving the affected parts a chance to rejuvenate. Try this over the counter approach to pain free living.

Use as Directed.