Vitamin And Mineral Supplements To Support Bone Health

Arthritis can be crippling to your everyday life. There is no cure to alleviate all of your pain, but you can lessen it. Keeping your bones healthy with vitamins and mineral supplements can help you get some arthritis pain relief.


Calcium is imperative to your bone health. Bones develop throughout life, but the pace slows down as you age. Some doctors say 1200 milligrams is the maximum amount of calcium needed a day, but others say you can intake up to 1500 milligrams. Dairy products are a great way to consume high levels of calcium, but if you don’t enjoy dairy, you can find calcium in many vegetables and canned fish.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Many people get arthritis pain relief from supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine promotes the repair of cartilage while chondroitin helps to stop the enzymes that break down that cartilage. Together they work to combat pain and promote overall bone health.


Omega-3 fatty acids ease the inflammation of your joints. Fish oil, mackerel and salmon are easy ways to get the omega 3s you need for joint pain. Many people fear consuming too much fish due to the levels of mercury, so an alternative is taking a fish oil supplement. Other ways to get omega-3 fats are with flax and flaxseed oil, walnuts, and soy.


Ginger is another easy addition to your diet, and studies show that it helps to reduce joint inflammation and can help lessen pain and improve mobility. Ginger is available fresh, pickled, crystallized, or as a spice. Fresh ginger contains the most beneficial amount of the compound gingerol, which is the ingredient that helps with pain and inflammation. If you don’t like the taste of ginger, it is available in supplement form.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins when it comes to joint pain, and it’s estimated that up to 70% of adults and children are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and keep your bones strong, and can be absorbed in as little as 15 minutes from the sunlight, or supplemented in pill form. It is also found in fish, eggs, and dairy. Though there are many different types of Vitamin D supplements, doctors say no-one of them is better than the other for arthritis or musculoskeletal pain relief.

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