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Our feet are essential for everyday life. They get us everywhere we need to go. Unfortunately, we don’t think much about them, or even appreciate them until they hurt. And when they do, we want relief fast.

Try these tips to get back on your feet, pain free, as quickly as possible:

  1. Rest: As hard as it is to do sometimes, take a rest. Put your feet up so your body weight is no longer putting pressure on them. Try resting them on top of a pillow or other elevated object.
  2. Ice: While your feet are elevated, apply a cold ice pack to the area of your foot in the most pain, for up to 20 minutes at a time. You can repeat this several times throughout the day as needed.
  3. Compression: If your foot is swollen, wrap it with a compression bandage, to help decrease the swelling. Be careful not to wrap it too tight. Do this for the first 48-72 hours that you feel pain.
  4. Use Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Liquid. Apply the Liquid to the affected area, up to four times each day for fast absorbing, rapid relief.

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