Natural Joint Pain Relief

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 30% of the population suffers from chronic lower back pain. Another 15 – 20% report severe neck pain. Chronic joint and muscle pain appear to be a constant for adults over 40 and even some of the younger generation are already affected with widespread pain problems.

Many pain sufferers end up in emergency care for pain management and are being sent home with a prescription for mild to moderate pain relievers. Long term pharmaceutical coverage is costly and many are riddled with undesirable side effects. It is no surprise then that people who suffer from long term pain, such as Arthritis, will gravitate towards other options. The search for a more natural pain reliever that works is becoming more commonplace.

Working through the pain.

The tough part of being in a lot of pain for any length of time is a drastic reduction in quality of life. Pain sufferers report listlessness, irritability, loss of memory and an inability to concentrate. The pain they suffer takes over their lives and becomes the paramount focus. It comes as no surprise then that chronic severe pain can cause individuals to lose their jobs and subsequently their health coverage.

Pain has become somewhat of a stigma in todays society. Calling in to work because a debilitating back spasm prevents you from moving without excruciating pain is not considered a viable excuse to miss work. You should just ‘take something’ and tough it out. That’s much easier said than done in some cases.

Absorbine Jr. is a natural pain reliever that helps alleviate muscle and joint pain. Many of the thousands of chronic pain sufferers benefit from the relief Absorbine Jr. offers. Find the same trusted pain relieving ingredients in the clear liquid, patches or cream. Absorbine Jr. Plus is the maximum strength formula for severe pain. Try Absorbine Jr. Plus today for your pain.

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