Find Pain Relief Without Medication

When you are looking for pain relief, try Absorbine Jr Plus for low back pain relief at home. Absorbine Jr Plus works quickly and has been used for over 100 years; generations of people have found relief from our product.

Absorbine Jr Plus acts right at the site of your pain, so forget the nasty, systemwide side effects that pills can have on your body. Combined with stretching and light movement, you may find great relief from your arthritis or muscle aches. Oral medication can lose effectiveness over time and you will need higher doses to experience the same relief. Many pain medications are addictive and cause problems unless you wean off the medication. Start with a product that is effective, and doesn’t filter through your entire body to work.

When you want to treat your muscle pain right at the source, apply fast acting Absorbine Jr Plus to the location. Find relief using a safer topical treatment.

Use as Directed.