Best Natural Ingredients For Muscle And Joint Pain Relief

When you’re feeling the pain, tunnel vision can start — and all you’re looking for is the light at the end. Relief feels miles away, unless you know exactly how to dissolve and resolve it. Many people reach for the pills without considering a natural alternative. How do you know what your natural pain reliever options are? Many home remedies that are hundreds of years old carry wisdom that works today.

Our Absorbine Jr. Plus contains hidden wisdom, too. Menthol, wormwood oil and herb, as well as camphor all are in every formula of Absorbine Jr. for good reason. We’ve broken down these pain fighting ingredients to illustrate the power they have in dissipating the discomfort of pain and stiffness in the body quickly, without side effects or nauseating symptoms to replace the pain.

Check out the natural pain reliever combination from Mother Nature:

Menthol is a cooling reliever.

Menthol is likely the first ingredient that you recognize when using Absorbine Jr. Plus. It’s a cooling herb, often found in cold and flu products, to relieve radial pain in the skin and body. The minty freshness that comes from Menthol actually is an aromatherapy effect to relax your muscles and release anxiety-based tension. Molecules in menthol attach to your nerves and produce a light numbing effect.

Menthol is activated when rubbed into the skin, too. Your body begins a process that expands your blood vessels to lower blood pressure and relieve pain.

Wormwood herb and oil is ancient wisdom.

Wormwood sounds scary, but in actuality it’s one of the greatest ingredients in our blend. For hundreds of years, wormwood has been used for multiple conditions. We liken it for it’s pain reducing properties in particular. Wormwood also helps to lower anxiety, tension, and stiffness — a major contributor to body and muscle aches and pains. It’s medicinal scent also facilitates “feel good” hormones to boost your body’s healing capability.

Camphor for a full restore.

Camphor is actually from the bark of a tree, botanically similar to cinnamon. It’s ability to boost circulation means that your body registers this herb as a heating and cooling effect at once. Your nerve endings are lightly numbed, similarly to what menthol does, and then circulation around your muscles is boosted. The cooling is sent to the outside and the source of the pain is warmed and soothed. Muscle pain and stiffness are almost eliminated in response.

Use as Directed.