5 Ways To Reduce Joint Pain Without Oral Medication

If you suffer from joint pain due to injury, arthritis or backache, strains, sprains, sore muscles and cramps you are probably anxious to find a safe and effective solution to relieve you from your pain.

You may not want to take oral medications or drugs because of possible side effects or drug interactions. There is one tried-and-true topical product that has been used as an effective pain reliever for joint pain for years, Absorbine Jr, a product originally developed over 100 years ago for use on work horses that pulled heavy cargo. The founders later found that it was just as effective on their aches and pains as it was for their animals.

There are many great product benefits associated with using Absorbine Jr. including:

  • It gets to work on your pain area quickly, since it’s applied directly to the painful area, it gets to work fast providing pain relief.
  • Unlike oral medications, it doesn’t need time to dissolve into the blood stream before it begins to work.
  • Absorbine Jr. was developed using natural herbal extracts that are not used in other topical pain relievers that only use menthol for their cooling properties.
  • It has been a preferred product for generations for providing long lasting pain relief.

Absorbine Jr. Introduced a New Product in 2013

Just last year, Absorbine Jr., introduced its extra strength formula. Absorbine Jr. Plus pain relieving liquid. When it is applied to the painful area, it provides more fast-acting pain relief. Those that had enjoyed the relief they found with the former formula are even more pleased with this new stronger option.

New Generations are Discovering Absorbine Jr.

With the introduction of extra strength Absorbine Jr. Plus, a whole new audience has opened up for the brand. It is no longer thought of as “the product my parents buy,” young athletes and those that experience strains and sprains and joint pain due to work and other physical activities are looking to extra strength Absorbine Jr. Plus to help stop their pain.

A Variety of Products to Choose From

Absorbine Jr. has a variety of products to treat your joint pain and injury including Ultra Strength Patches, Back Patches, and Pain Relieving Liquid Plus.

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