For over 130 years, Absorbine Jr. has provided fast, effective and lasting pain relief for sore muscles, arthritis and stiffness.

Relieving Pain Since 1892

Absorbine was originally created in 1892 by Wilbur F. Young and his wife, Mary Ida, to relieve the muscle pain of their hardworking horses that pulled heavy cargo. The popularity of the formula grew among farmers, who soon realized it quickly relieved their own aches and pains too.

Absorbine Jr., named after W.F. Young’s son, Junior, was developed specifically for humans – for fast, long lasting and effective relief of pain, stiffness and muscle aches. Absorbine Jr. is a powerful, safe and trusted formula that continues to be a staple in medicine cabinets across the country.

How Pain Relief Works

Our formulas help block pain receptor signals and also stimulate the receptors that detect cold, causing increased blood flow and the release of natural pain-relieving substances. The more blood that reaches a pain area, the more nutrients and oxygen there is to assist in the healing process.

Safe & Effective

Unlike internal pain relievers that first need to dissolve and get into the blood stream, Absorbine Jr. starts working right away.

Use as Directed.