Frequently Asked Questions: Absorbine Jr. Patches

  1. How do I use the Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Patch?

    For best results, be sure that your skin is clean and dry before applying. Open packet and remove patch. If you prefer, you can cut the patch to the size you need. Peel off its protective backing and apply sticky side to pain area.

  2. How long does Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Patch last?

    Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Patches have been specially designed to provide up to eight hours of pain relief. However, individual results can vary.

  3. Can I use more than one Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Patch at the same time?

    Yes, you can use more than one Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Patch at the same time.

  4. Can I use the Absorbine Jr. Patch with Absorbine Jr. liquid at the same time?

    Yes, use with Absorbine Jr. liquid is acceptable. Allow the liquid to dry first before applying the patch. The liquid will work very quickly, and the patch will continue to provide long-lasting heat. We recommend a test area first for people with sensitive skin. Other product combinations have not been tested and cannot be recommended.

  5. Can I apply an Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Patch and also take an internal pain reliever (pill, caplet, etc.)?

    Since the active ingredient, menthol, in Absorbine Jr. Pain Relieving Patches does not enter the bloodstream, there should not be any interaction with your internal pain reliever, However, we recommend that you first consult with your doctor.

  6. Can I leave the Absorbine Jr. Patch on overnight?

    Yes, you can leave the Patch on overnight.

  7. What if the Absorbine Jr. Patch will not stick?

    Be sure the application site is clean and dry. For best results it must also be free from skin conditioning products that may leave a film on your skin.

  8. Can I use the Absorbine Jr. Patch to cover a wound, like a bandage or adhesive strip?

    No. Do not apply the patch to broken or irritated skin.

  9. Is there any latex in the Absorbine Jr. Patch?

    Yes, the Absorbine Jr. Back Patch contains natural rubber latex. This may cause allergic reactions in latex-sensitive people.

  10. What type of allergic reactions can be caused by natural rubber latex?

    Latex allergy is found in a small percentage (1% to 6%) of the general population. The reactions include skin rash, hives, flushing, itching, nasal, eye or sinus symptoms, asthma, and (rarely) shock. If you have a known latex allergy, do not come in contact with this product.

  11. What should I do if I suspect that I am having an allergic reaction to latex?

    We recommend you contact your physician if you suspect you may have an allergy to latex.

  12. Why is the Back Patch so much larger than the Ultra Strength Patch?

    The Ultra Strength Patch was designed for smaller muscle groups. The Back Patch was designed specifically for use on the lower back to treat lower back pain.

  13. How does the Back Patch differ from the Ultra Strength Patch, other than size?

    The Absorbine Jr. Back Patch is made from a different type of hydrogel. It produces an initial warming feeling unlike the Ultra Strength Patch which starts off cold.

    CharacteristicAbsorbine Jr. Ultra Strength PatchAbsorbine Jr. Back Patch
    Size 4" x 5 1/2" 9" x 4"
    Color White White
    Sensation Cooling Effect Warming Effect
    Apply directly to point of pain Target the deep-seated aches and pains associated with chronic and activity-induced pain
    Relief lasts Up to 8 hours Up to 8 hours
  14. The box states that the patch has been clinically proven effective; what type of studies have been done?

    Thermography studies have shown that the Absorbine Jr. Back Patch effectively warms the area.