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Absorbine was originally created in 1892 by Wilbur F. Young and his wife, Mary Ida, to relieve the muscle pain of their hardworking horses that pulled heavy cargo. The popularity of the formula grew among farmers who soon realized it quickly relieved their own aches and pains too.

W.F. Young’s love for the hardest-working animal came to benefit the hardest-working people, and Absorbine Jr. (for people) was born. W.F Young’s son, Junior, created the brand for hard-working people, and Absorbine Jr. was born.

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Absorbine Jr. is a powerful, safe and trusted formula widely recognized and used for over 100 years for fast, long lasting and effective relief of arthritis pain, stiffness and muscle aches (chronic or activity induced). Wilbur’s original formula from the turn of the century is essentially the same blend used in today’s product. With its unique “press-o-matic” hands-free sponge applicator so familiar and popular with consumers, Absorbine Jr. remains a unique product in the pain relief category and continues to appeal to today’s hardworking, active adult and their families as it did to their grandparents.

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For generations, users recall how Absorbine Jr. was introduced to them by their parents, grandparents, coaches and friends. Many have childhood memories of Absorbine Jr.’s distinct fragrance and green packaging.


In late 2013, new Absorbine Jr. Plus with its Extra Strength formula was introduced. Absorbine Jr. Plus pain relieving liquid has more of the same fast absorbing, deep penetrating and trusted pain relieving ingredients as the original formula to provide even more relief to sore muscles, arthritis pain  & stiffness. Its stronger non-greasy clear formula is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed into the skin for fast acting pain relief.